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Black Mountain Honey is an all natural, untreated,

cold-filtered, award winning, wildflower honey


We specialise in the production of Great Taste Award winning honey, UK Mated Buckfast queens and nucleus colonies.

Honey Gift Sets
Honey Gift Sets
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Great Taste Award Winning Honey

Black Mountain Honey won two awards at the the 2020 Great Taste Awards.

Our Runny Honey won 1 star. Here's what the judges had to say:

A good-looking, pale golden, clear runny honey. This delivers gentle floral notes on the nose, flavours that continue more distinctly on the palate. This is a crowd-pleasing honey, with aromatic pastural elements and a long-lasting sweetness on the finish.

Our Soft Set Honey won 2 stars: Here's what the judges had to say:

A wonderful soft set honey that melts in the mouth, releasing a comforting, nostalgic taste of how honey was and how it still can be when produced like this. It is not overly sweet and the wildflowers the bees are sourcing are allowed to stamp their distinctive character. The finish is smooth and balanced and lingers delightfully.

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