We still have F1 Buckfast Nucleus colonies available for 2021. Collection only. Email

for more details.

Our Buckfast colonies have excellent temperament, low swarming tendency and produce very little propolis.

**Overwintered Nucs (2020 Queen) - LIMITED AVAILABILITY May 2021 - Collection only**

Buckfast still available.


 Welsh Black Sold Out. 

2021 Overwintered Full Colonies - Limited Availability - £450 each - Collection only

Now taking orders for Spring/Summer Nucs with 2021 F1 Buckfast Queens - Excellent Availability

We produce five and six frame Buckfast F1 nucleus colonies. These are headed by a 2021 F1 Open Mated Buckfast queen. They are of excellent temperament, with tremendous disease resistance.

Delivery/Collection from May - June 2021

6 Frame: 

National Poly Nuc - £275

5 Frame: 

National Correx Nuc - £250

In order to secure your Nucleus Colony, we take a £20 deposit. Orders are strictly limited and we sell out early every year, so early orders are advised.

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