Chilli Spice Rub
  • Our Hot Fire Honey spice rub is fiery blend using Garlic, Salt, Welsh Chillies, herbs and spices. We use Welsh grown chillies that are cured, dried, ground and blended with salt to create a powerful chilli rub. Use it carefully as a little goes a long way. It can be used as a dry rub or a wet marinade and will add that classic spicy flavour and aroma to Chicken, Turkey, Fish, and Pork. 


    Our cardboard boxes are made using 100% recycled material. We brand them with our logo using water based ink. We use shredded cardboard fill and cardboard sleeves to help keep your products safe in the post and we use paper tape to hold everything together and all packaging is 100% recyclable (jars + lids) or 100% compostable (sleeves, fill, boxes)


    GTIN: 5065002450203

    MPN: 5065002450203

    Brand: Hot Fire Honey

    Chilli Spice Rub