Buckfast F1 Queen
  • 2021 F1 Mated Buckfast Queen

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    Queen bee for sale are sent via RM Special Delivery only. Please select shipping option at checkout - £7.50 for weekday delivery and £11.50 for Saturday Delivery. Postage covers up to 25 queens.




    1-4 for £38 each (0% discount)

    5-9 for £37.00 each (3% discount)

    10-19 for £36.00 each (5% discount)

    20+ for £33.00 each (12% discount)


    If queens are available sooner, we will provide tracking details on an email the day before arrival. Queens can be safely kept in hive supers in their sealed cages until required.


    Unfortunately we cannot ship outside the UK or to Northern Ireland. Shipping options are for UK mainland only. ORDERS MUST BE SIGNED FOR ON DELIVERY.


    We receive a fresh batch of queen bees for sale every single week during the season. We package our queen bees for sale UK and send them straight to you using a guaranteed delivery service with Royal Mail.


    Our mated queens for sale UK are delivered by the postman on a RM service and are never in the postal service for longer than 24 hrs. We will send you a dispatch notification with tracking details the day before your uk queen bees are sent.

    We have a new supplier of F1 Buckfast Queens! The head of the queen rearing unit selects their best performing mated queen bees each year and they are overwintered for grafting the following year. Virgin queens are open mated in isolated areas that are flooded with selected drones.

    The F1 Buckfast queens are open mated in the EU but they are bred using UK based genetics so they are able to thrive and excel in UK conditions. If you are looking to buy bees UK, we also stock UK mated queens from our Jolanta lines.

    The queen bees for sale have a superb temperament so are perfect for requeening grumpy colonies of bees.

    Our mated queens UK have a low swarming tendency and create very little propolis. Are you looking for a queen bee for sale? We hold good stock of both UK mated queens and F1 Buckfast mated queens.

    Given the correct conditions, these queen bees for sale can create upwards of 150lb of honey per colony, each year!


    If you have any queries, please drop up a message using the chat function.


    Mated queen bees are natural creatures and although we can advise you on how to achieve the best introduction success, we cannot be held liable for any failed queen introductions.


    Here is a link to our YouTube channel on how to successfully introduce queens.




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    Brand: Black Mountain Honey

    Buckfast F1 Queen