Swarm Trap Kit
  • This listing is for everything you need to create your own swarm trap and attract a swarm of honey bees. Just add plywood or a new/used beehive.


    This listing includes the following items:

    1 x DN4 Disease Free Dark Wax Brood Frame
    1 x vial of commercial swarm lure
    1 x metal entrance disc
    1 x cutting list to make your own plywood swarm trap/nucleus box.
    1 x list of instructions on how to set up a swarm trap


    Our brood frames come from disease free colonies managed by a member of the Bee Farmers Association. They are used brood frames as this is the best attractant to bring a swarm of honey bees into your bait hive/swarm trap.


    These have been inspected in 2020 and no foul brood diseases were found across any apiaries.

    The wax combs were treated for wax moth but its best practice to leave them in the freezer for 3 days prior to setting your trap.


    The vial of swarm lure is a proven recipe for attracting large swarms of honey bees. It mimics the queen pheromones and attracts scout bees to your swarm traps.


    It should be cautiously applied to a paper towel and then placed inside a sealed plastic envelope and pinned to interior walls of the swarm box.


    The entrance disc is the perfect size to attract swarms into your swarm trap. They dont like big entrances. Just attach over a hole with a screw.


    We provide an A4 copy of a cutting list so you can make your own swarm trap. You can also set up a bait hive with any new or used beehive.


    We also provide an A4 copy of instructions on how to set up your bait hive/swarm trap to stand the best chance of catching a swarm of honey bees.

    Swarm Trap Kit


    Paper Wrapped Box



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