Raw honey, unlike your average honey, is unfiltered and unpasteurised, so it retains all the precious nutrients which are normally lost through heating and filtering. This means you are able to enjoy a pure product that's truly unrivalled both in terms of taste and nutritional value. Raw honey is a delicious, essential natural sweetener, free from pesky additives that other conventional honeys may have.

It's also worth knowing that raw honey contains a considerable amount of bee pollen - which may be considered a complete survival food, with a huge array of nutritious components. With so many tasty properties, it's no wonder it is so widely loved, as both a food and a traditional therapeutic gem.


Black Mountain Honey is an all-natural, untreated and cold filtered, 100% raw honey. We make every effort to ensure that all of its natural goodness is retained in every jar, just as nature intended.

We don’t include any additives, or use any heat (above hive temp - 37c) within the extraction process. We extract our honey in a purpose-built, honey extraction facility, utilising state of the art equipment to ensure the honey reaches the customer in pristine condition.


Studies show that raw honey contains a variety of beneficial ingredients.


Raw honey contains specific components that can offer health benefits. Pasteurisation and other processes may remove or reduce some of these elements, which include:

  • bee pollen, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

  • bee propolis, a glue-like substance that helps keep the hive together

  • certain vitamins and minerals

  • enzymes

  • amino acids

  • antioxidants



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