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Do you want to buy beehives UK? Our F1 Buckfast bee nucs for sale are available to pre-order now for delivery in 2024. Buy Bees UK now.

Want to know how to start beekeeping UK? Our bee nucs for sale are the perfect starter colony for beekeepers of any age or experience.         

Buy beehives UK now with confidence. 

Nucs for Sale

**Overwintered Nucs  - PRE ORDER FOR 2024 Nucleus Colonies - Buy Beehives UK** 

Now taking orders for 2024 Nucs

We produce six frame overwintered F1 Buckfast bee nucs for sale. Our nucs for sale are bred using F1 Buckfast queens which are renowned for their excellent temperament and consistent honey crop. 

For 2024, we are also producing WELSH UK mated F1 Buckfast Nucleus Colonies which are headed by a UK mated F1 Buckfast queen. We have selected exceptional breeder queens from the UK and use the F1 offspring drones to flood the local welsh valleys with high pedigree Buckfast drones. This is ensures successful mating with drones with superior genetics. 

Our bees are calm on the combs, easy to handle and have a very low swarming tendency when given enough space. 


Our 2024 overwintered nucs are headed by a 2023 F1 Open Mated Buckfast queen. We also stock British Buckfast Nucs for sale that are open mated in North Wales. Both are of excellent temperament with tremendous disease resistance and honey production capability.

Delivery from April/May 2024

6 Frame F1 Buckfast/UK Mated National Poly Nuc - £350 (Delivery)

In order to secure your F1 Buckfast bee nucs for sale, we take a £50 non refundable deposit.


Orders are strictly limited and we sell out early every year, so early orders are advised.

We have sold thousands of nucleus colonies over the years and have lots of happy customers who return year after year. Check out the feedback at the bottom of the page to see reviews from our happy customers. 

Bee Nucs for Sale UK
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