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Look how far we have come. We started small and never looked back. 

About Us

Situated in the foothills of the Clywdian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Black Mountain Honey is one of the leading suppliers of Buckfast Bees and award-winning honey in the UK.

Our reputation is not only built on the consistent and market-leading quality of our honey, queens, and nucleus colonies but is underpinned by our dedicated approach to customer service and knowledge sharing.

Keeping bees isn’t easy, so we are here to help you every step of the way, from the dedicated educational content on our YouTube channel to a variety of communication channels to help support you as a beekeeper. You can contact us by email, WhatsApp, phone or text message. We always respond within 24 hrs – often much sooner.

We understand that sometimes, urgency is everything. That’s why we offer the latest next-day delivery service for queen bees in the UK. You can place an order up to our 4 pm cut-off for Royal Mail Special Delivery the very next day!

About BMH

The Story of Black Mountain Honey - Tradition Meets Modern Beekeeping
Discovering Black Mountain Honey - A Journey into Quality and Taste
Introduction to Black Mountain Honey - Exploring its Unique Flavors and Origins
Behind the Scenes of Black Mountain Honey - Crafting Natural Sweetness

Beekeeping should be enjoyable for everyone. We do not tolerate aggressive bees and work closely with our strategic partners to ensure our queen bees and nucleus colonies are as gentle in nature as they can possibly be.

We pride ourselves on the calm and placid nature of our honey bees, and we focus on this trait above all else. Luckily, our bees are also known to produce a bounteous crop of honey – up to 200 lbs per colony in optimal conditions.

The production of pure, unpasteurised multi-floral honey is as important to us as it has ever been. Our honey is never heated above hive temperature and only coarsely filtered so all vital micronutrients remain in the jar.

Black Mountain Honey is more than just another beekeeping company. We are your steadfast beekeeping companion and offer you an unrivalled view into our professional lives as beekeepers via our YouTube channel. Social media gives us a two-way platform to intimately connect with our customers. 

We revel in your successes and take pride in your achievements. We are here for you when you need us most and together, we will succeed as beekeepers.

The Essence of Black Mountain Honey - From Hive to Home
Black Mountain Honey - A Blend of Natural Purity and Rich Flavors

We are a close knit, family based, bee farming business.

Our team

Bee Farmer

Laurence - Owner of Black Mountain Honey

Head of Sales and Marketing

Helen - Head of Sales and Marketing @ Black Mountain Honey


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