Buy Queen Bees. F1 Buckfast Mated Queens for sale using genetics from the UK's largest bee farmer.

Our queen bees for sale have excellent temperament, disease resistance and low swarming tendency. Buy queen bees for

making splits or re-queening grumpy colonies



We receive a fresh batch of mated queen bees for sale every single week during the season and supply posted mated queens throughout the UK. Our UK Mated Queen delivery service is proven to get the queens to you within 24 hours so that you can introduce our F1 Buckfast Queens into your colonies. Unfortunately we cannot ship outside the UK or to Northern Ireland. Shipping options are for UK mainland only. 

We have a robust relationship with Murray McGregor, the UK's biggest bee farmer, which enables us to offer mated queens for sale, throughout the course of the season. When you buy queen bees from Black Mountain Honey they arrive in an introduction travel cage, with a fondant plug for easy introduction. 


Our F1 Mated Buckfast Queens for sale have a superb temperament so are perfect for re-queening grumpy colonies of bees. 

On our website you can buy queens online and pre order Jolanta bred UK mated queens for later in the season. 

 Our posted mated queen bees are delivered by the postman on a RM service.

Our F1 Buckfast Queens for sale are supplied by Murray McGregor - the UK's largest bee farmer who manages over 5000 colonies of bees.

Murray selects his best performing queens each year and they are sent to Italy to overwinter. They are then used to create an artificially inseminated breeder queen, who goes on to create a colony that, once tested' is used to graft larvae, to create F1 Buckfast queens.

The F1 Buckfast queens for sale are open mated in warmer climates but are bred using UK based genetics so they are able to thrive in UK conditions.

Our mated queen bees have a low swarming tendency and create very little propolis.

Given the correct conditions, these F1 Buckfast bees can create upwards of 150lb of honey per colony, each year!

If you have any queries, please drop up a message using the chat function.