• Wondering how to start beekeeping UK? On our website you can buy beehives UK and bee nucs for sale. Our bees for sale sell out every year so if you want to buy bees check out our bee nucs for sale. 


    Buy Bees UK - Overwintered 2022 Nucleus Colonies are headed by a 2021 F1 Buckfast Overwintered Queen. Our bee nucs for sale are incredibly gentle and productive queens with an excellent pedigree for temperament and honey production. If you are interested in buying beehives UK, starting with bee nucs for sale, will set you up for the season. 


    You will receive the following:


    1 x 6 Frame Nucleus Colony of Bees 

    1 x Paynes Poly Nuc

    1 x Ventilated Screen

    1 x F1 Buckfast Queen (2021 - Marked White)

    6 x DN4 frames with bees (3/4 frames of BIAS)

    Our bee nucs for sale will be available in April/May 2022, depending on overwintering weather conditions.


    We will notify you two weeks in advance of availability of our bee nucs for sale for either collection or delivery orders via text message/email. 


    We will contact you via phone/email one week prior to collection/delivery to arrange for payment of remaining balance. £50 deposit is non refundable.


    The overwintered nucs for sale are strictly limited in number and sell out every year, so reserve yours today by placing a deposit (£50) to secure your order and buy bees. 


    We send the bees for sale in a used poly nuc (Paynes, Maisemore or BS Honey Bees) and it will be the same nuc in which the colony has overwintered. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee which type of poly nuc you will receive when you buy bees uk. 


    All bees for sale will be sent via RM Special guaranteed next day service using a ventilated screen cover to ensure they do not overheat in the post. 


    Collection only by prior appointment from CH7, North Wales or delivery to mainland UK.


    Total price:




    Collected - 6 frame national nucleus colony in poly nuc - £300 - £50 deposit


    Delivered - 6 frame national nucleus colony in poly nuc - £325 - £50 deposit


    Deposits are non refundable and full balance must be paid prior to delivery/collection. 


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    MPN: 5065002450364

    Brand: Black Mountain Honey

    Buy Bees UK - Overwintered 6 Frame Nucleus Colonies 2022

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