Soft Set Honey - 227g
  • Our soft set honey is made from the nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers, trees and shrubs across Black Mountain, North Wales. All our apiaries are within a 5 mile radius of Black Mountain, North Wales.


    It is cold extracted, filtered and unpasteurised to allow the final product to retain all of the vital micronutrients that are present when the honey is extracted from the hive. 


    Soft Set honey is different from runny honey as it has been seeded with a fine grained, crystallised honey. The fine grain of the seed honey interacts with sugar molecules within the honey to result incredibly smooth and fine textured honey. 


    North Wales has a complex, diverse mix of hedgerows, forests and moorland which produces a distinct, floral honey. 


    It has a taste that cannot be confused with “blended” honeys found in most supermarkets, most of which originate from EU countries and China/US. 


    It is extracted in small batches  and the colour of our raw local honey will vary in tune with the changing seasons and flowers our bees feed on but predominantly will be a pale white colour once creamed. 


    The variety of flowers the honey bees have fed on to create this raw honey will include: Blackberries, Heather, Lime, Willowherb, Clover, Primrose, Cherry, Pear, Lavender and a whole range of wildflowers. 


    Buy now to enjoy this unique raw honey. 

    Soft Set Honey - 227g

    • All pure honey will eventually crystallize due to the natural sugars in it.  Raw honey has the tendency to granulate faster than highly processed honey as the sugar molecules have more to attach to because of the pollens, propolis and other inherent ingredients still present.


      Creamed honey differs from runny honey as it has already crystallised under controlled conditions to form a smooth, fine textured honey.


      It will not granulate any further and be kept for months in correct storage conditions.



    Hendre Foilen Ffordd-y-Pentre, Nercwys CH7 4EL


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