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How Harry Transformed His Aggressive Bees

Harry's Case Study

Before Harry started using Black Mountain Honey queens his bees were very aggressive. They were all over his head any time he entered the apiary. 

As a novice, young beekeeper, Harry didn’t want to have to deal with his aggressive bees. It was supposed to be an enjoyable family hobby on the farm!

He chose Black Mountain Honey queens to requeen his colonies as he had seen on the YouTube channel, just how calm Laurence’s F1 Buckfast queens were.

He placed an order online and the queens arrived the very next day. Harry made his colonies of bees queenless and introduced the new queen bees to his colonies, as per the instructions on the postal packaging.

Harry is a young beekeeper who started keeping bee on his family’s farm.

Since the introduction of the F1 Buckfast Queens from Black Mountain Honey, the queens have transformed the colonies and that has transformed Harry’s beekeeping. Harry says ‘the bees are so calm, so gentle and so productive’.

He was particularly impressed with the brood pattern from the queens, which is a sign of excellent mating. ‘Every single cell was filled with brood but not to a point where they swarmed. They are just the perfect bee!’

Harry says ‘he would definitely recommend Black Mountain Honey queens. They are the best queens that money can buy’

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